Aug 19, 2021
Recently, Zoom announced the release of a new events platform that will let organizers monetize and promote their events. Zoom Events is packaged as an “all-in-one” platform that can build event hubs, provide customizable ticketing and registration options, integrate networking for attendees, track event statistics and more. While the new Zoom Events platform holds benefits for the future of virtual event planning, what does it mean for event management companies? Can more sophisticated event platforms displace traditional firms that provide event management and planning services? Zoom Is a… more
Aug 17, 2021
Influencers. They’re only helpful for B2C marketers, right? Not quite. While influencer marketing is an oft-used tactic for companies selling a consumer product or lifestyle, it can also be highly effective for event marketers in the B2B space.  Fortunately, many of the industries or professions our events serve are full of qualified influencers, many of whom are easily accessible and under our own trade show’s roof. Event organizers who effectively leverage influencer marketing can expect amplified reach and trust in campaign messaging, ultimately acquiring net-new attendees. Here are four… more
Aug 13, 2021
The trade show industry struggled over the past year as COVID-19 restricted travel and in-person attendance. Now, as vaccines roll out in force and restrictions loosen, the prospect of in-person trade shows seems viable once again. Still, the path forward may not be clear. Even as the pandemic fades, concerns over event safety will likely linger for some time. Similarly, some would-be attendees may now prefer virtual trade show experiences after becoming accustomed to them. These trends pose a challenge to trade show organizers, but you can work around them. Here are five ways you can… more
Aug 10, 2021
Getting into a trade show is easy. Squandering that opportunity is easy, too. If you go into your first trade show (or your second, or third or fourth…) with a too-casual mindset, a noncompetitive approach and high expectations, you’re in for a bad time.  While it’s up to trade show organizers to attract attendees, it’s up to you to win them over, and simply being there won’t cut it. Your booth must make an impression. Whether you’re dealing with a hybrid audience or you’re setting up at an industry-only fair, you have to stand out, and that’s easier said than done in today’s marketing world… more
Aug 05, 2021
When the pandemic required that business-to-business event organizers switch to virtual events overnight, it was nerve-wracking for many. Besides being unfamiliar with an entirely new event model, planners struggled with the technology, learning curve, and design philosophy. While challenging, good came from it. A year later, some learnings from virtual events are poised to change the way organizers run in-person events. Technology will play a significant role. What stakeholders love about virtual events Apart from the casual dress code and a short commute, there's a lot to love about… more
Aug 03, 2021
The in-person event industry was brought to a halt by the pandemic, and live events, face-to-face networking and the buzz of an exhibition have been missed from the business schedule for more than a year as a result. While virtual events have been an effective alternative for both organizers and attendees, according to Event Manager Blog’s event statistics, 72% of live events failed to profitably pivot to a virtual format, and this has inevitably driven the renewed demand for hybrid and live events within the industry as restrictions begin to ease. There is no denying that the past year… more
Jul 29, 2021
Exhibitors in a broad Ascend Media study shared some major pain points recently published by the firm. It’s feedback worth digging into, and worth digging into EARLY in experience design, not late. It’s worth elevating these ideas to a strategic planning level and finding solutions for the stakeholders that financially support your events. We are addressing the Top 10 Concerns in a series of posts that outline solutions for supporting exhibitors in a virtual environment. We’ve distilled the Top 10 pain points into four big ideas to present solutions. The 4 Big Ideas for Exhibitor… more
Jul 27, 2021
The future is hybrid! You must have heard this statement repeatedly over the last few months, and rightly so. We are now moving into a world where people are warming up and getting excited to go back to the physical events, though there are still those who aren’t ready to attend a physical event (whether for safety or resource/expense) but have embraced virtual events. Hence, welcome to the world of hybrid. Now, how do you generate the maximum ROI in this blend of virtual and offline events? The Right Strategy What is your primary objective here? Sales opportunities, lead generation or… more
Jul 22, 2021
I think I speak for most of us when I say that in-person events are one of those things we didn’t realize we loved until they were gone. And when events and other face-to-face gatherings started shutting down over the last year, an incredibly important channel for personalized conversations and relationship-deepening evaporated.  Since then, businesses have given their best college try to replace this lost value, with mixed results. While virtual events in and of themselves have largely done well, there’s a major missed opportunity that’s consistently overlooked: post-event content. Here’s… more
Jul 20, 2021
What if you could recreate all the energy and excitement of a trade show without the pushing, shoving, booth bunnies or the trolls whose sole mission is to load their vendor logo bags with every piece of swag they can grab? Virtual events came of age in 2020 and are now dominating all discussions about the future of events. They are expected to grow at almost 23% annually until 2027, and this prediction came before the pandemic pulled the plug on every imaginable in-person event. As more and more vaccines find willing arms, trade shows are making a huge pivot. So, what does that future look… more

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Caesars Entertainment strode into 2022 with its sights set on making the year one of innovation and renovation for the Empire as the company announced a $400 million, Las Vegas-style makeover for its Atlantic City properties. The master plan for the company’s three East Coast properties -- Caesars, Harrah’s, and Tropicana -- involves interior renovations, new celebrity dining concepts, and more to create the ultimate seaside conference destination.