Jan 21, 2020
No. 8:  Spoil your onsite exhibit staff.  The morale of your on-site exhibit staff is your secret weapon. A happy team is a productive team. And the happier they are, the more positive their interactions with be with your prospects and customers who’ll remember their in-booth interactions with your uber-professional staff. This memorability is what will linger in your prospects’ minds long after your exhibit is back in its crates after the show. What are you doing to make your on-site exhibit team comfortable with their show participation — mentally and physically? Since we’re in show biz… more
Jan 16, 2020
This season, explore mixed materials, rustic themes and bohemian accents for on-trend designs your attendees will love. Infuse your space with what event designers, exhibit planners and trend experts are calling “Mediterranean Craft style,” featuring eclectic elements and woven textures to achieve a sophisticated, yet relaxed curated look.  Here are a few tips to help you incorporate Mediterranean Craft style trends at your next event or exhibit: Mix and Match Textures Contrast is key when it comes to Mediterranean Craft, so don’t be afraid to mix and match textures. Try blending velvet… more
Jan 14, 2020
When it comes to marketing at trade shows, many brands turn to promotional products that are useful and appealing to the public and that can also help build up awareness and drum up business. And while there are clothing items, toys, water bottles, pens and numerous other products to consider, tech gadgets are something that exhibitors should definitely be using as swag. Why? First off, this is a tech-driven world, full of devices: About 85% of adults own cell phones. Over 60% of those who fall into the category of Gen X or Baby Boomers own desktop computers, while most younger generations… more
Jan 08, 2020
One of the best tools trade show planners have in their toolbox is a strong relationship with their audio-visual provider. AV brings a trade show to life with dynamic lighting, sound and interactive experiences that engage and excite attendees, letting them know they are somewhere special.  Everyone Wants a Moment to Shine No matter the makeup of an audience, you need to keep in mind that it’s full of real people, not just the labels of attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. People tend to have similar interests and desires, which include being seen. “In my experience, people generally want… more
Jan 02, 2020
In Explori and UFI’s 2018/19 Global Visitor Insights Report supported by SISO, 13,000 trade show visitor responses were analyzed and 135 countries were represented to create the largest study of trade show experience. The findings suggest six key indicators of future success for trade show organizers. With themes such as festivalization, sustainability and personalization, it is clear that the industry is ripe with innovation.  Here are the six things trade show organizers should consider in the coming year and beyond to continue attracting and retaining keen visitors. 1. Strike a balance… more
Dec 17, 2019
Offering clients and vendors tickets to sporting events, concerts or resorts has always been a welcome and fun way to strengthen and nurture business relationships. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act added a major twist on this long-standing tradition of deducting client entertainment expenses on business tax returns. This may have limited some options, but there are still many opportunities to host outside of the trade show. It’s always important to focus on what really adds value for your clients. For some, it might not be entertaining. For others, it’s still an important part of a complete… more
Dec 16, 2019
Because I’m a sustainability consultant, you may assume that I believe in human-caused climate change. Until recently, I’ve avoided talking much about climate change to my professional audience, because I want to avoid being polarizing or political. First of all, if you’ve made this assumption, you’re correct — I do believe, based on the consensus of thousands of scientists, that human activities are changing our climate. However, I no longer believe that climate change is a political issue. I wouldn’t even call it an environmental issue. It’s an everything issue. The growing instability of… more
Dec 12, 2019
What’s worse than your swag being abandoned on a booth counter is your swag being thrown in the garbage on its way off the trade show floor. Not only is this a waste of your planning efforts and marketing dollars, but it’s also really bad for the environment. Think about all of those wasted foam squishy balls, plastic pens, paper pamphlets and post-it note pads waiting to be shipped off to a landfill. If we’re going to work on reducing, reusing and recycling in every other facet of life and business operations, we should also work on reducing waste at trade shows, too. There are hundreds of… more
Dec 10, 2019
Wondering how to improve your trade show planning? Use these three tips to throw an event that drives interaction between exhibitors and attendees. On the surface, trade show planning looks easier to do than organizing other types of events. Take SpinGo’s “20 Powerful Stats on the Value of Trade Shows and Expos.” The numbers make it look like exhibitors and attendees can’t wait to meet each other: 88% of exhibitors want to raise brand awareness. 72% of exhibitors want new sales leads. 92% of attendees want to see new products (81% have buying authority). But two troubling stats haunt… more
Dec 05, 2019
Managing an event can feel like a cat rodeo, with huge groups of people headed every which way and different things on their minds. It’s easy to become frustrated when attendees do not do what we want them to do. Event planners predict behaviors based on activity history, then use those projections for forecasting and budgeting. When the target audience does not “behave” as projected, it can impact the success of the event. Don’t sit by and watch. Here are nine actions you can take to achieve desired behaviors.  9. Master Segmentation to Help Your Audience Hear You Audience segmentation… more

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As event professionals and destinations adjust,  adapt and evolve in these uncharted waters,  it is imperative that substantial resources be put in place for all of the people responsible for planning and executing tradeshows and expositions.   At Mohegan Sun we have built an industry-leading COVID-19 Resource Center,  with a combination of pictures from recent successful events held since our reopening on June 1st,  along with several easy to share,  downloadable documents such as our Operati