Apr 21, 2017

Recently, I was reading a blog for sales professionals: 4 Trends Dominating Customer Engagement That Sales Teams Need to Know About. It highlighted the fact that customers are more informed than ever about the product or service you (the sales professional) are attempting to sell them.

The information age has increased the transparency of the consumer -sales person dynamic. This transparency also, logically, applies to your competitor’… more

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Apr 21, 2017

So, how do we do this? Before you can personalize anything, you need to know who you are talking to.  As usual, the champion (and yet at times the thorn in any marketer’s side) is DATA. You need to know and collect as much information from your exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees as possible. I know that this is no easy feat if one is new to digital marketing but start by taking baby steps.


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Apr 15, 2017

Sept. 11, 2001. That is the day that set the stage for the new psyche of America for the 21st Century. Vulnerability and fear are now played upon by politicians and the average American now realizes how fast things can change. I happened to be attending a workshop in Midtown Manhattan on 9/11 and I saw first-hand how fast the atmosphere of a fast-paced, cosmopolitan hub can change. In a matter of hours, the demeanor of the populace of the entire city went from business as usual to that of a silence procession heading home knowing that the future is uncertain and will never be the same.… more

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Apr 14, 2017

Event professionals know all too well the pressure to increase revenue each year. Budgets get tighter, costs are cut and yet the attendee experience is expected to improve – and so is attendance!

So how do organizers balance this list of competing priorities while still increasing event revenue?

One solution is to find additional revenue where no one is looking.

For instance, by adding a few creative sponsorships, you can generate extra revenue without compromising the attendee experience. These kinds of sponsorships can fund other aspects of your meeting which you… more

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Apr 07, 2017

Everyone has an opinion. In our industry, one of the most talked about subjects today is lead generation and ROI. There are a lot of posts, blogs and commentary about the subject that have been doing the rounds with a large proportion of those people adamant that their way is right.

Here’s my way …

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Event Tech Talks panel discussion titled Lead Generation 2.0 and ROI. I really enjoyed the session and I think because everyone has their own (strong) opinion on the subject, you could literally talk about it for hours.… more

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Apr 05, 2017

Virtual reality is a really hot topic right now in the events and social marketing industries. Though it certainly isn’t the first time VR burst onto the scene (remember the 1990s?), it seems the technology has finally caught up enough with programmers’ imaginations for there to be a real buzz and genuine consumer interest.

Like any event technology though, it’s important that virtual and augmented reality (AR) are aligned with event goals and are not simply a shiny distraction. If… more

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Mar 31, 2017

Companies spend a lot of money and time creating a unique and compelling exhibit or event presence that will make them stand out and connect with potential and existing clients. There is another way to stand out and to garner attention for your company and for your brand, and that is to have someone in the company speak at the event. 

Speaking at an event can seem daunting and, depending on the size and quality of the audience, some question if it is worthwhile. While you may have reasons not to speak, I would argue that there are also many benefits to your company and to… more

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Mar 30, 2017

Creating a great brand experience and creating great content are not distinctly different activities. A successful brand experience maximizes all the ways you can engage attendees, setting the stage for them to interact, network and share information. And as they say, content is king.

Content is a natural extension of any brand experience, whether that’s the thought leadership shared during the experience itself or content that attendees generate around an event when they are inspired and engaged. It allows for a deeper, lasting connection and creates value for attendees.… more

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Mar 23, 2017

Custom displays are not supposed to cost much. But that's not what is reflected in the current market, where prices of many trade show displays are nearly equivalent to that of a house.

It still is possible to customize your trade show display without having to pay much. Here are some of the tips you can follow to avoid spending much money for your trade show displays.

You Will Need to Upgrade the Graphics

Trade show displays mostly use graphic panels that can be easily interchanged. This can allow you to promote various brands and services in… more

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Mar 22, 2017

One size fits all may work for hats, but it won’t work for events. Attendees expect event content – and its marketing – to address their specific needs and challenges. They won’t take the time to sift through generalized marketing to find what they’re after and they’ll likely skip your event entirely if it doesn’t resonate.

So how do you speak their language, address their pain points and pique their interest?

What are Attendee Personas?

That’s where personas – sometimes referred to as buyer or marketing personas – can help. Personas are fictional… more

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