Apr 01, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the nation, disrupting work and home life on an unprecedented scale. Among the dramatic changes has been the cancellation of nearly all types of events and business conferences that were scheduled to take place over the next several months.  While it may be hard to imagine creative ways to still get your conference insights to the marketplace, it can be done. Moreover, if done the right way, you can make a lasting impression for attendees; presenters can share their expertise; and even vendors can reach their target audience – all in a manner that… more
Mar 27, 2020
Working from home is quickly becoming “the new normal.” The COVID-19 pandemic kicked the WFH movement into high gear, and many experts believe it will continue long after the crisis has passed (this article makes a solid case). But before we can optimize this new way of working, we’re going to have to get proficient at one of the biggest work-from-home fundamentals: the virtual meeting. Remote meetings are inherently different from in-person meetings. If you’re not used to running them, you’re going to make tons of mistakes, and those mistakes can have major ramifications in terms of how… more
Mar 24, 2020
Sometimes the unexpected happens and event planners have to decide to downsize or cancel their events. But before you cancel, consider an alternative. We believe in the power of meetings. They’re where people bring together ideas and insights to inspire others. Here’s a quick list of how you can turn a live event into an online meeting of minds using tools you might already have on hand. 1. Take Your Sessions Online Use a webinar tool to set up virtual sessions in place of your meeting rooms. Have attendees log into the same session they would’ve attended on-site and watch the session in… more
Mar 19, 2020
When you are planning for the conference or trade show of your dreams, the last thing you want is to be facing down the logistical nightmare of cancellation. But that’s precisely what’s been happening to event organizers around the world — and that’s why event cancellation insurance needs to be on every planner’s checklist.  Whether it is because of a spreading pandemic, an incoming hurricane or an air traffic controller strike that grounds all your members, having to call off your event because of something out of your control leaves you feeling powerless, frustrated and exasperated. … more
Mar 17, 2020
Event organizers have been facing unbelievable pressure to decide how to handle the events they’ve planned for this year. Cancel? Postpone? Go virtual? Move to a hybrid model? Each option provides its own benefits and challenges. This post focuses on what event organizers need to do when they make the decision to postpone to a future date. Once you have made the decision to postpone, and your facility and hotel partners have found dates to accommodate your meetin,g you’ve got a lot to do. It will be tough to reduce what is usually a 14-month process to six months, but possible. Here’s a… more
Mar 12, 2020
Life happens. From unexpected weather to a global health crisis, a host of forces outside of our control can jeopardize our planning. The recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak shines a lens on this reality. In the wake of the cancellation of large events, such as Mobile World Congress, Facebook Global Marketing Summit, and Google I/O, enterprise brands are scrambling to find alternative ways to share important announcements—announcements they had hoped to make in-person. The “obvious” answer might be to create a webinar or to livestream a presentation. But these experiences are prone to… more
Mar 10, 2020
What’s your game? Whether it’s business or sports, everyone is trying to attract and engage fans – those die-hard, paint-your-face, play-the-fight-song-at-your-wedding kind of fans. Your business probably doesn’t have a fight song, but don’t you want die-hard stakeholders who would sing it at the top of their lungs if you did? Just like in sports, successful businesses are continuously cultivating their fan base: clients, employees, strategic partners and other high value stakeholders often through events. I’ve spent decades shepherding people through the fan sales cycle from creating… more
Mar 06, 2020
With the threat of the Coronavirus, more people are taking pause before booking their travel to their next event. This is a unique situation and hopefully it will be over soon. However, as trade show and event professionals, you may wonder what you need to think about when preparing to travel or organize your next event. If you are not the event organizer, do you even go? Recently, Amazon, Sony and Ericsson decided not to exhibit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona because they did not want to expose their employees to the Coronavirus. As of February 13, this event was canceled due to… more
Mar 04, 2020
In an increasingly digital world, the in-person experience of an event can be a significant ROI-boosting differentiator. In fact, 80 percent of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success. For that reason alone, events should be a meaningful part of your overall B2B marketing strategy. But how do you make sure your events are a success? Read on to discover some essential tips for marketing your events to maximize attendance.  1. Find and Attract Your Audience with Inbound and Marketing Automation You can harness the power of inbound marketing to attract the right… more
Feb 27, 2020
At trade shows and conventions, it can be hard to set yourself apart when you’re competing against hundreds of other brands for attendee engagement. Here’s where a uniquely designed booth can be the difference between blending in, and standing out from the crowd. Take a chance and step out from the comfort zone of black and white furnishings to help your booth shine bright and leave a lasting impression on guests.   Dare with Dramatic Seating  While a majority of exhibitors will incorporate neutral seating options, take the opportunity to differentiate your brand with colorful soft seating… more

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As event professionals and destinations adjust,  adapt and evolve in these uncharted waters,  it is imperative that substantial resources be put in place for all of the people responsible for planning and executing tradeshows and expositions.   At Mohegan Sun we have built an industry-leading COVID-19 Resource Center,  with a combination of pictures from recent successful events held since our reopening on June 1st,  along with several easy to share,  downloadable documents such as our Operati