Nov 20, 2017

When planning for your next event, it can seem arduous thinking up all of the possible scenarios and options for getting all of the necessary materials to the actual show. Which option is cheaper? Does cheaper mean less reliable? How will I know everything will be safe?

Many have asked these kinds of questions, especially when it comes to the choice of shipping directly to the show or to use an Advance Shipment Warehouse instead. Below are the top… more

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Nov 16, 2017

Being at the correct trade show is one of the most opportunity-rich environments a company can participate in to secure face-to-face time with potential customers. In addition, trade shows provide the platform to highlight new products, special services and enhanced branding. Your team is also on-point to conduct demonstrations and proclaim the benefits of your company.

At a trade show, the number of attendances can range from a few hundred to many thousand. But what if you could provide your message from the trade show to millions of people, all of which are not at the exhibition… more

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Nov 14, 2017

As an exhibitor, you carefully select which shows to attend, invest time and money in these events and create the ideal booth. But have you invested time into developing a strategy for these events to maximize your ROI?

Achieving a successful show experience depends on having a strong presence at the show, driving customers and prospects to your booth, and converting those leads into sales. Here are four tips to help you achieve your goal:

  1. Develop marketing and promotional plans
  • Create a marketing campaign: Clearly state or illustrate… more
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Nov 09, 2017

It wasn’t that long ago when trade shows relied largely on paper processes for registration and promotion, and exhibit booths featured large panels with static copy and graphics. That’s all changed.

Trade show planners and exhibitors alike have myriad leading-edge technologies to use for applications ranging from registration, data capture and analytics, lead retrieval and real-time engagement, to traditional marketing and branding. There’s software for registration, check-in, badge printing, e-literature, beacon technology and mobile event apps. There are mobile device charging… more

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Nov 07, 2017

One of the questions I’m often asked as a trade show industry veteran is, “What do you wish you’d known back in your first year of managing trade show exhibits that you know now?” The following is my second in a series of blogs based on the most important lessons I’ve learned as a trade show professional and life-long student of the University of Hard Knocks.

No. 2: Give yourself extra time during exhibit set-up.

Many of our on-site problems occur because we’re trying to do too much in too little set-up time… more

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Nov 02, 2017

Bizzabo recently surveyed over 400 mid- to senior-level event marketers about the future of the industry. The result is Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends.

With contemporary digital marketing practices, brands have the ability to reach more people with more targeted strategies than ever before. Yet at the same time, nothing can quite compare to a face-to-face conversation. This isn’t a nostalgic longing for simpler days.… more

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Oct 31, 2017

Augmented and virtual reality, along with artificial intelligence and wearables, are some of the hottest trends in event tech for 2017. Event organizers are working hard to incorporate these technologies into their events in order to attract attendees and stay “fresh.” But do all new technologies belong in the event industry?

Some technologies may seem like a logical fit for your next event, but they can be gimmicky or even distracting, taking the attendees out of the event and creating… more

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Oct 26, 2017

When companies sponsor events, they don't just want their names on a banner; they want partnerships worth their real value and more: more audiences, more attendees and more brand awareness.

Event professionals want to deliver that value to sponsors but they don’t always know how. Fortunately, the numbers indicate they’ll have plenty of chances to learn.

What Sponsors Want, a… more

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Oct 24, 2017

Here’s Our Story – What’s Yours? We’re Listening!

As the Marketing Manager for TSNN, I put a lot of thought into trying to listen and getting others to listen to us (it’s a noisy event world out there!). There’s no doubt we’re all attempting to connect, to be heard and to get our value proposition out there, hoping it will resonate. I fell in love with the psychology of marketing because it allows you to jump inside people’s heads - the way they think (and operate), and learn what drives them as human beings and how… more

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Oct 23, 2017

Since 2008, there has been a statistic making its way around the Internet that the EPA ranked the trade show industry as the second most wasteful industry - second only to manufacturing. You may have heard this statistic before. I have even used that information in an article I wrote for TSNN. Recently, I decided to look deeper into that stat that gives a bad rap to our industry. What I discovered was that even on the EPA website, I can find no reference to this statistic. Furthermore, many of the articles that referenced the statistic have been removed… more

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