Oct 27, 2020
It’s Q4 2020, and B2B managers of events, demand generation and field-marketing activities are planning next year’s campaigns and customer-engagement activities. The question on their minds: when will events be back to “normal?” I think it’s safe to say that large gatherings of people involving flights and hotels will not be happening anytime soon. However, 2021 events and customer meetings, virtual or otherwise, must be planned and budgeted. What should you do? While B2B marketers depend heavily on event marketing, most B2B enterprises have turned from in-person to virtual events.… more
Oct 21, 2020
From the clearing of skies in polluted areas of the world as we moved into COVID-19 lockdown, to some of the worst wildfires in the West and tropical storms in the southern and eastern United States, to societal unrest, it has become painfully clear how our actions (and inaction) are affecting our climate and humanity. While it’s all a bit overwhelming, there are actions that we in the events industry can take to contribute to meaningful change for the environment and communities. Developed in 2015 by the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to… more
Oct 19, 2020
Looking for way to keep your exhibit spaces inviting and warm, yet safely designed? With innovative designs, you can still create a beautiful space with safety and function top of mind. To successfully plan a safe environment, follow these tips: Facilitate movement through design. Promoting socialization while safely distancing will be an obstacle for planners, though not impossible. For good measure, limit the number of attendees on the floor with extended hours, timed entrances and personal appointments. Both physical and mental cues will help attendees flow through the trade booths and… more
Oct 15, 2020
The year 2020 has turned the world of virtual events upside down. How can you make connections when you can’t bring people together? With traditional events like fundraisers, workshops and conferences on hold for the foreseeable future, it’s time to get creative. With so many of us working from home, constant Zoom meetings are the reality. Anyone who’s been on video chats all day long knows that they can get boring and repetitive. But if you can find a way to capture your audience’s attention, and to keep them engaged throughout an event, interactive online events are possible.   The world… more
Oct 12, 2020
I’ll be the first to admit that the experiential marketing space hasn’t always been the pinnacle of environmentalism. Air travel emissions, elaborate, one-time use sets, wasted food and beverages — even a single pre-pandemic event could impact our environment in startling ways. The impetus for sustainability has never been stronger. Many people are still quarantining and social distancing, and the planet has felt notable effects, including reduced carbon emissions and clear waterways. Because of this, people are pledging to “flatten the curve” when it comes to climate change. They saw how… more
Oct 08, 2020
For the past few months, Go LIVE Together has been a primary voice advocating on behalf of the trade show industry, which has been profoundly impacted by COVID-19. #WeMakeEvents and #GoRedforEvents are other events industry efforts that have tried to garner some local and national attention. Many of us now are wondering what we can do to drum up even more publicity in mainstream media. This time-pressing need for advocacy led #Expochat-seasoned moderator, Stephanie Selesnick, president of International Trade Information, and special guests Amie Cangelosi of mdg agency and Leah Mendes with… more
Oct 06, 2020
Running a live event requires the ability to manage many moving parts. You’re trying to control logistics, entertain your audience and ultimately get people to associate their positive experiences with your company. The goal is for them to feel like they have “gotten to know” your brand and have built a rapport with it, just as they would with a person. Engaging attendees is such a crucial part of that brand-building process that 39% of live event professionals agree it is the most important element of a live event. To foster that level of interaction, you must incorporate engaging elements… more
Oct 01, 2020
Event marketers have long specialized in creating unique one-to-one engagement between brands and attendees. Enabling that same engagement digitally, however, requires a clear understanding of attendees’ digital behaviors. We have to account not only for the nature and volume of the content they will want to consume in an online environment, but also their preferences and expectations for the environment itself. The five best practices below will help you design a digital event platform that delivers on just that. 1. Start with Sitemaps and Wireframes  In an online world, we’re bombarded… more
Sep 28, 2020
Sunny days are upon us, followed by star-studded nights. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could bring your typical indoor event outside? The answer is you can…but you need a plan! Focus on how to make the most of the great outdoors, so every one of your attendees can feel safe and engaged. COVID-19 Planning Guidelines: Sweat the Small Stuff. If you are planning an outdoor event, you still need to consider: Lighting: Do you need it? What kind of light is best – LED, pinpoint, or overhead? Work with your venue’s A/V specialist to discuss options. Sound: Do you need microphones and a sound… more
Sep 25, 2020
For the past few months, people have become more cautious about where they go and who they see. While some parts of daily life seem to be taking steps towards normalcy, many people are still hesitant to take the leap when it comes to gathering for events. The hospitality and events industry is always changing, forcing properties to consistently adapt in order to stay current. In March 2020, when most of the world was placed on pause, adapting took on a whole new definition, especially when it comes to the food and beverage industry. So what will food and beverage look like at meeting and… more

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As event professionals and destinations adjust,  adapt and evolve in these uncharted waters,  it is imperative that substantial resources be put in place for all of the people responsible for planning and executing tradeshows and expositions.   At Mohegan Sun we have built an industry-leading COVID-19 Resource Center,  with a combination of pictures from recent successful events held since our reopening on June 1st,  along with several easy to share,  downloadable documents such as our Operati