Jul 11, 2017

As consumers and attendees increasingly rely on smartphones and digital tools, marketers look to bridge the online and physical worlds to maximize engagement and create unique moments. Virtual and hybrid events offer the perfect solution by combining the best of brand experience with the digital engagement people crave. According to Market Research Media, virtual events will grow from $14 billion in 2018 to $18 billion in 2023, with a steady increase of five percent annually. Beyond effective marketing, going virtual is an… more

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Jul 05, 2017

Learn how to better engage trade show attendees by reviewing this telling research from CEIR about tactics attendees engage with on the show floor.

The 2017 Attendee Floor Engagement Study by CEIR, the Center for Exhibition and Industry Research, shows which engagement strategies are most likely to drive attendees to engage with people and product at the trade show floor. After all, that is a big part of why we exhibit, right? To get the attention of attendees. To get them to visit our booth, talk to us, check out what we offer and hopefully, eventually, if we play… more

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Jun 26, 2017

Any event, at its core, is all about content. Content is the driving force behind attracting attendees to your event, keeping them engaged and returning for more. It’s what establishes an organization as a thought leader, a credible partner or trusted advisor in your market. Content can make – or break – an event. But developing content that will appeal to your target audience can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. And what happens if your idea of engaging content misses the mark? Ouch!

In today’s “what’s-in-it-for-me” era, attendees want topics or speakers that address… more

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Jun 22, 2017

Coordinating trade shows and exhibitions come with their fair share of challenges and one of them is how to best engage attendees.

Did you know that messaging apps are used on average nine times a day, compared to 1.9 times a day for all other apps? Text messaging and mobile apps can be used to communicate information to attendees to increase the success of your event.

Text messages that inform attendees about events or remind them to check out an exhibit they expressed an… more

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Jun 19, 2017

From big trades to trivial activities such as grocery shopping, technology has made its way into our daily lives and it’s here to stay. One such field that has embraced the technological revolution is event planning.

Technology has changed the way events are planned, executed and managed. The past decade has seen multiple innovations, some bordering on brilliant that have completely transformed, and in a way, simplified the way we execute events and how attendees see them.

Here are five ways technology has transformed event planning.

1.   … more

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Jun 16, 2017

Trade show managers are always searching for the latest marketing trends to drive their booth’s attendance. Social media participation is key for any large event, enabling trade show goers to stay more engaged with instant updates on floor activities, educational opportunities and speaker sessions. 

Every exhibitor wants to have some sort of social engagement during a show and smart trade show marketers are taking advantage of a wide range of social media strategies to broadcast their message to more people than ever before.

So, if you want to get a larger audience at… more

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Jun 12, 2017

Whether directional, advertising or general information, signage is a vital component of tradeshows providing necessary information to participants. Often, it is also one of the least environmentally friendly aspects of events and tradeshows. While it may not possible to do away with this form of communication, it’s environmental impact can be minimized by reducing, rethinking, recycling and reuse.

As large tradeshows and events become more sustainable, we are learning valuable lessons from their challenges and solutions. These three examples show how creative thinking and attention… more

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Jun 09, 2017

On your post-event survey, are you asking attendees if this is their first time attending your event?

Anecdotally, I can tell you that 70-80 percent of event organizers we speak with ask their attendees this question. And it makes sense: the keys to growing your event are based on your ability to attract new attendees while retaining your current customer base.

If an attendee doesn’t return to the event the following year, or ever, is it really a lost opportunity?

Did they have a poor onsite experience? 


Did they leave their… more

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Jun 07, 2017

Throughout the registration process of an event, show management has the opportunity to collect an incredible amount of data about their show’s attendees. This data – registration and attendance patterns, demographics, region and registration classification – is a rich source of information.

Taking data and making it work for you is about more than just capturing information. Data needs to be analyzed and used to produce a successful event. 

With so much data available, making decisions about what to do with it can be a daunting challenge. Where do you begin?

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Jun 01, 2017

I was recently reading a trade show industry blog and one of my pet peeves jumped out and grabbed me. My blood pressure immediately shot up. It was an article on how an exhibitor enticed attendees to drop off their business cards in a bucket at their exhibit to win a TV and how wonderful it was to get so many more trade show leads. The only problem is, the cards – that they called “leads” – had no known connection whatsoever with the card owner having any interest at all in their product.

I hate to be the one to break the bad news to the… more

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