Bizzabo Acquires Two New Companies and Launches Video Production Suite to Power Immersive Event Experiences

December 10, 2021


Event experience leader Bizzabo recently acquired two new companies, Klik and TeeVid, and debuted the Ultimate Video Production Suite to further invest in innovative, experiential technology for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

Klik is a pioneer of smart wearables technology to power onsite experiences at live events. Its technology helps event professionals elevate and measure attendee engagement, participation, and networking.

Bizzabo believes event organizers have established appetites for the rich behavioral and intent data that virtual events have captured for the past 18 months and expect the same level of intel for in-person events, which it says makes Klik particularly exciting for Bizzabo’s platform.

“We are designing our Event Experience Operating System to free event experience leaders from the technical limitations of event management software so they can create immersive experiences for attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers,” said Eran Ben-Shushan, co-founder and CEO of Bizzabo. “With Klik’s novel technology and exceptional team of event professionals, we’re going to revolutionize in-person experiences.”

Klik’s wearable tech and extensive infrastructure provides new levels of data visibility at in-person events, giving organizers valuable location-based insights into attendee engagement and behavior that lets them effectively measure success and plan for future events. Because Klik’s wearables also act as a communications device, they can trigger customized recommendations on content, sessions, networking opportunities, sponsors to visit and more.

Unlike other event technologies that rely on NFC/RFID capabilities, Klik opted for a unique approach, designing and building its software and hardware using advanced BLE (Bluetooth) technology to enable features like localization, tracking and contact exchange—all done with a passive tracking system. This approach matches traditional NFC/RFID functionality and elevates attendee experiences by facilitating the following:

  • Collection of advanced analytics like dwell time
  • Touchless contact exchanges
  • Gamification for attendees
  • Lead collection for sponsors
  • Easy tracking and reminders for session check-ins

Bizzabo has integrated Klik’s technology into its Event Experience OS as part of its onsite module. The company will also leverage Klik’s technology with the Event Serendipity Engine™, which will proactively recommend other peers, content, sessions and sponsors to attendees. The Event Serendipity Engine™ is powered by technology from, the AI-driven scheduling and matchmaking company that Bizzabo acquired in June.

Meanwhile, with Bizzabo’s acquisition of TeeVid, a cutting-edge solution for creating, producing, and broadcasting virtual, in-person and hybrid events, the company introduced its Ultimate Video Production Suite, enabling event professionals to create content and video for attendees and presenters that blend in a seamless TV-like experience designed for the hybrid future of events.

According to Bizzabo, while a majority of event organizers use video as an interactive element to keep attendees engaged, they often struggle to produce high-quality videos for events, so they either compromise on quality or hire a production agency for every stream, which increases cost and complexity.

Bizzabo’s Ultimate Video Production Suite aims to eliminate barriers and make it easy for event organizers to leverage a custom-built video solution for virtual, in-person and hybrid events. Through the new video production suite, organizers can create an impactful production-level event in a few clicks and control all aspects of an event from start to finish. Online studio capabilities enable stunning branded content designed to capture and keep the attention of even the most virtual-weary audiences.

“Video is a crucial part of hybrid event strategies, both as a way to deliver personalized, immersive experiences as well as empowering flexibility and choice,” Ben-Shushan said. “We’re thrilled to welcome TeeVid’s team of world-class video experts to Bizzabo as we continue to invest in empowering event experiences.”

With TeeVid, Bizzabo’s Ultimate Video Production Suite offers several powerful capabilities for event production, including the following:

  • Create live and interactive events of all sizes and for unlimited attendees
  • Natively pull information from all the solutions in Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS, including agenda, speakers, sessions, registrations, meetings and more, with all event data is connected and synced to maximize efficiency and delight
  • Empower the producer to control “main stage” and attendee view layouts, including organizing “main stage” panels that seamlessly connect remote speakers to in-person audiences
  • Conduct breakout sessions that provide in-person and remote participants with the same immersive experience
  • Publish user-generated content with ease and incorporate polls, quizzes and a variety of additional creative tools for increased engagement

Bizzabo’s Klik and TeeVid acquisitions, in addition to other new product growth, such as the recent launch of its Event Experience Category and Event Experience OS, are designed to continue the company’s mission to transform the event experience for organizers and attendees alike.

Photo: (left to right) Bizzabo co-founders Alon Alroy, Eran Ben-Shushan and Boaz Katz

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