PRG & 3D Live Bring Holographic 3D to Live Events

September 16, 2019

Entertainment and event technology solutions provider Production Resource Group and 3D Live, creator of 3D holographic LED display technology, have formed an exclusive partnership to provide 3D LED technology to live event clients. Via this partnership, PRG will offer 3D Live’s patented “holographic” 3D LED technology to live concert, corporate events and e-sports clients, and 3D Live will exclusively use PRG’s LED walls on its productions.

According to Nick Jackson, senior vice president of PRG, the 3D holographic experience is comparable to augmented reality – without the need for expensive headsets. It can be easily scaled to thousands of audience members simultaneously through the use of low-cost, customizable 3D glasses. In addition, 3D LED screens create a unique immersive content experience for the viewer without the need for a darkened environment.

Displays, videos and presentations in the 3D world have a dynamic and exciting element that captivates and enthralls an audience,” Jackson said. “3D holographic technology that PRG and 3D Live provide can be used in any corporate video presentation, from product launch or technical presentation [to] corporate meeting — any time when information needs to be delivered in an intuitive, immersive or visual way.”

According to 3D Live officials, 3D Live’s systems deliver an immersive visual experience with superior brightness, color, contrast and extreme 3D depth, relative to projection-based displays. With this technology, 3D imagery leaps off the screen, enveloping performers and immersing audiences.

Key features of this technology include:

  • Flexible, easy-to-use design
  • Based on modular LED tile technology, can be built to any configuration
  • Customizable per client request
  • Turnkey product compatible with standard control and video delivery systems
  • Low-cost customizable passive 3D glasses offer great sponsorship opportunities and can be distributed as branded giveaways, sold or recycled
  • Display has dual functionality for 2D or 3D

According to Nathan Huber, CEO of 3D Live, besides offering an unparalleled immersive experience for attendees, “holographic” 3D LED brings theme-park-level visuals to an event.  

“The wow factor of the technology helps to create a shared social experience and lasting memories for guests with the added benefit of heightened information retention around the content shared,” Huber said.  

He continued, “From a content perspective, presenters can interact with holographic media, swiping floating images and data around themselves and the environment in real-time. Additionally, the technology can be used to showcase immersive media related to a brand story or conference topic.”   

He added that with the advanced media production tools available on the market today, 3D content can easily be developed at a comparable cost to that of 2D visuals or repurposed from VR content.

Last year, 3D Live received the Pollstar Tech Enhancement of the Year award for its work with musical artist Flying Lotus. The company’s technology has been featured in concerts and tours with Big Gigantic, 2 Chainz and other musical acts. 

To learn more, go here.


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