INXPO Launches Video Series on Successful Webcasting Techniques

November 29, 2012

Everywhere you turn in the events industry someone is talking about webcasting, hybrid events and virtual events.

It’s a hot topic, but it’s still relatively new to many trade shows. Show organizers are struggling to understand how to incorporate this new technology into their events successfully.

Organizations recognize the fact they have a potential audience who cannot attend their event in person.

According to results of the study entitled “Measuring and Maximizing the Impact of a Hybrid Event”, half of all respondents say they record their conference content for on-demand access.

Webcasting also is being looked at by many organizations as a way to keep interest alive throughout the year. Not just being used in conjunction with an in-person event.

One company putting forth the effort to bring event managers up to speed on webcasting is INXPO.

Starting Nov. 29, the company launched a four-part instructional video series on INXPO TV.

This video series will explore webcasting best practices and tips and tricks taught by some of the industry’s webcasting experts.

“The Webcasting for Managers series will provide a go-to source for tips, tricks and best practices to further leverage XPOCAST for industry leading webcasting experiences,” said Scott Kellner, CMO of INXPO.

Is education like this needed in our industry? “Yes, it’s very helpful,” said Catherine Mills, director of council on ADA Sessions for the American Dental Association.

Mills added that many organizations want to start small and don’t have huge budgets to bring in a consultant. They need help and education like this is very appealing.

Michele McPhail, vice president of product development at UBM Studios, said the series is definitely appealing. She also recommends Virtual Edge Institute as a reliable resource for show organizers.

But for UBM, she’d like to see something that goes beyond the basics.  “There’s a need for advanced learning, something that goes deeper,” McPhail said.

What kind of deeper information is McPhail looking for? She’d like to see more information around what other events are doing with sponsorship, benchmarks, case studies and statistics on revenue.

She admitted that information is hard to get in such a competitive market. “It would be nice to have standardization of how you measure success,” McPhail said.

With so many show organizers taking the plunge and incorporating webcasts into their show and year-round education, maybe the industry will start to see more of those statistics being shared? As for UBM, McPhail said they want to share more moving forward.

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