Intrado Digital Media Partners With Encore

Now, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your virtual and in-person audiences and deliver enterprise-grade, fully integrated hybrid events - without the need to manage multiple vendors. The return of face-to-face experiences will raise questions about how to create the best blended event that combines in-person and virtual elements.

To help lead the future of business events, Intrado Digital Media just announced a strategic partnership with Encore, a leading global event production company. Through the partnership, Intrado Digital Media and Encore will guide the events industry forward by offering unmatched end-to-end technology solutions while leveraging Encore’s extensive production capabilities across the globe.

“The future is faces in two places. We know the world is going back to physical events, and we’re going to be a part of it,” said Ben Chodor, president of Intrado Digital Media. “Moving forward, the shared experience and the ability to deliver content and programming to both places will be of the utmost importance. And this partnership provides a powerful solution for in-person and virtual audiences that’s unmatched in the industry.”

“This partnership brings together the best of both worlds - the benefits of in-person and advantages of virtual,” said Ben Erwin, president and CEO of Encore. “The number one question from our customers is how to include remote attendees. For event planners, this combination of capabilities will make for an easier planning experience. No one is currently offering this breadth of capability.”

With a combined 100 years of experience in the industry and more than 1.8 million events produced annually, this partnership represents a powerful, high-performing solution for both in-person and virtual audiences. Intrado Digital Media and Encore clients will be able to take advantage of this partnership immediately - for all global events.

“This is going to shape what hybrid events and virtual events are going forward, and we are so excited to be developing the future of this industry,” said Chodor.

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