Vote Now for TSNN’s 2019 Best of Show Awards!

September 19, 2019

Trade Show News Network has selected the 10 finalists for our 2019 TSNN “Best of Show” awards. The TSNN Awards’ is celebrating this 10thAnniversary this year and marketing it with record-breaking nominations for the “Best of Show” category! 

We asked show organizers to tell us why they believed their show was “best,” and the shows listed below are ones that we believe exemplify true innovation in the trade show industry. Now, we need all of YOU to vote for the show that you think deserves to be named the Best of Show. 

The two overall winners will be announced at the TSNN Awards, which honors the top 50 fastest-growing U.S. trade shows and is set for Nov. 15-17 in Dallas.

The deadline to vote is Oct. 18. Vote here TODAY and tell us which show deserves to win the “Best of Show” award!

Here are the 10 amazing shows competing for this year’s two “Best of Show” awards:

Why Vote for IAAPA?

Because IAAPA (The Global Association for the Attractions Industry) knows how to keep things fun, fresh and rockin’ even when faced with a roller coaster of challenges. Their ability to adjust to tight turns (celebrate 100 years while setting up a strategic plan for the next 100 years), conquer steep slopes (unveiling a new brand for both the association and show) and master inversions (move the company from Virginia to Florida) impressed. This was all managed while maintaining the year-over-year momentum that was achieved the previous five years! Whoa – when the ride was all over, the IAAPA team was thrilled to close out the centennial year of the show by achieving both the largest trade show floor and attendance in event history! 

Why Vote for 104th RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting?

Because RSNA (Radiological Society America) has a clear picture on how to continuously improve their show. They placed a sharp focus on their exhibitors – especially the smaller/newer ones, which really paid off. We loved how they supported these exhibitors and helped them achieve their specific goals with a fresh (paid) exhibitor program. We admire their team attitude of “no matter how well we're doing, we know we can always do better!” By devoting extra attention to this segment of new exhibitors, they grew their exhibit hall and ensured a positive reputation as an association that values exhibitors and overall success – in other words, it was just what the doctor ordered. 

Why Vote for ASI Show Forth Worth?

Because ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) knocked our “swaggy” socks off with their keen ability to listen to their members and create a “better sense of community.” I guess you could say they really know the promotional angle of the event business! Their decision to move their show to Fort Worth from Dallas allowed them to offer a “total city takeover.” This resulted in show-goers running into each other everywhere and enjoying many WOW experiences together, fostering deeper connections. They rolled out the red carpet for more networking by hosting Texas-themed parties everywhere – really “showing” off how to create buzz and a lasting impression. The move and strategy resulted in attendance shooting up nearly 14 percent year-over-year, along with exhibiting increasing almost 12 percent year-over-year – way to go and grow! 

Why Vote for Bar Convent Brooklyn (BCB)?

Because Bar Convent Brooklyn was able to tastefully “shake things up” and replicate an international event, stateside, while educating the bar and beverage industry and fill a void –  phew! Impressively, the show opened on day one with a line down the Brooklyn block and continued to impress from there. They addressed very important issues through education sessions and onsite exhibits that were relevant to the bar and beverage community around health and wellness, inclusion and sustainability. We “raise a glass” to their creativity too, including sending donuts to press and top influencers. BCB was named “Launch of the Year” by Reed Exhibitions North America – now that deserves a toast! 

Why Vote for Coterie, February 2019? 

Because Coterie really nailed it by bringing a sense of fashion and excitement to the convention center in NYC. To overcome their challenge and deliver extra enthusiasm to the showfloor (while creating product-focused content), they turned the North Concourse of the Javits Center into a live photoshoot. This was complete with a behind-the-scenes look at hair, makeup and video editing. Images were shared on Instagram and all exhibitor products were tagged with booth numbers (talk about creating buzz!). We admired their response to trends in retail by offering panel discussions on working with influencers to drive sales (they were standing room only!). To increase promotion of new international exhibitors, they created an insert dedicated to new brands. Looking good all-around Coterie!

Why Vote for Cultivate ‘19?

Because of Cultivate’s drive to stay relevant while creating that “wow” factor, ensuring attendees come back year-after-year (not easy when you just celebrated your 90thyear!). We liked their emphasis on industry-relevant cultural trends throughout their show (living walls/structures), like an 18-foot-tall mannequin with a dress made entirely of plants and an oversized chess set, complete with sod and landscape tile board pieces and chessmen for lots of networking, play and photo opportunities (all shared on social media). They were very creative with engaging sponsorship opportunities too, like a Graffiti Wall where attendees would stand in front of a sponsored screen and get their picture taken and then post on Snapchat; they could add text stating all the things they love about Cultivate (nice!). Another fun sponsorship experience was a DIY t-shirt station - an unrivaled branding opportunity that sent guests home with memorabilia. Their show’s value statements of “Grow Faster,” “Perform Better” and “Prepare for the Future” really paid off because Cultivate '19 had a record-breaking year! 

Why Vote for PGA Merchandise Show?

Because the PGA Merchandise show has stayed on par over the course of 60-plus years delivering unparalleled resources to help their customers and the golf industry thrive. They’re experts in engagement and building hands-on experiences that foster business relationships, and we applaud that! Attendees experienced a dynamic, experiential PGA Show floor featuring more than 900 interactive exhibits (whoa!). We found it impressive how the show organizers focused on extra digital media outreach efforts in addition to engaging with top social media influencers. This yielded some 50 first-time media attendees in the social media category. Additionally, national social media influencers including Brodie Smith, Mel Reid and Greg Norman shared the stage to highlight how attendees and exhibitors alike could leverage social media to enhance personal brands and business. The results? Overall revenue grew, net promoter scores increased dramatically (with exhibitor scores rising to record high levels) and attendee scores also rose dramatically – a win-win! 

Why Vote for JCK Las Vegas?

Because the JCK team were gems and really shined when it came to reimagining their show (and floor plan) at a new location. Tasked with bringing over 30,000 global jewelry industry professionals together under one roof, they were set on developing programs, events and moments to drive inspiration, new business connections and produce an unforgettable experience. They did not disappoint when they provided an unmatched customer experience that offered a lot of fun and featured a curated theme. They conquered a seating and navigation problem by creatively implementing park-themed decor, allowing for more seating with park benches and main aisles named after famous city streets. Along the way there was an army of “Ask Me” specialists to answer any questions (talk about customer service!). Throughout the showfloor, visitors found jewelry focused "Instagrammable" moments and even a daytime DJ welcomed them at the entrance to build excitement. They blew us away with the “fun” factor at every turn!

Why Vote for National Retail Federation?

Because NRF: Retail’s Big Show really shopped around and created unique experiences to overcome key challenges. It’s not easy putting on a show when your venue is under construction and you need to increase revenue with less space, or when you need an event so big to feel small so attendees feel individually considered and not part of the masses! How did they do it, plus feed everyone with limited space? Their team got clever with an Innovation Lab/Start Up Zone – a new area off the expo floor reserved for the newest and most forward-future products. They thought “out-of-the-box” with an American Express Activation Lounge that changed activations every four hours (this kept attendees engaged and excited about what they would find in the lounge throughout the day – we’re talking puppies, cotton candy, logo-ed big marshmallows and hand massages – wow!) They rolled out the red carpet for VIPs, accommodated 800 press and enlisted food trucks, all while selling sponsorships around these ideas – very forward thinking and ingenious!

Why Vote for NRA-ILA Leadership Forum?

Because the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum overcame the challenge of hosting the President and Vice President of the United States within an hour of each other at an event that had 15 acres of firearms on display and attracts 80,000 attendees, many of them carrying firearms (talk about a security issue.). Their massive communication efforts included an extensive list of prohibited items and daily briefings with the White House Advance Team, U.S. Secret Service, Homeland Security and local police. They contracted with a local Boy Scout troop and a local non-profit to help staff a check station (talk about all hands on deck – smart!) In an industry where sales have been challenging, they really tapped into the pulse of their attendees and exhibitors by maximizing the positive energy of the speeches (providing a live video feed to exhibitors to show on their monitors and video screens in the booth display). This raised enthusiasm tremendously. We salute their detailed efforts in keeping the event running incredibly smooth, successfully and safely.

TSNN is pleased and proud to have the support of our generous sponsorsfor the TSNN Awards: Celebrating Success for our 10 year anniversary!

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