Is Our Exhibition Workforce Ready for the Future? Join #Expochat Oct. 2 at 1 p.m. ET!

September 27, 2019

Technology, diversity, the economy and customer expectations (among other factors) are pushing members of the trade show industry to be more proficient, creative and open-minded than in the past.

Join our next #Expochat on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 1 p.m. ET, when moderator Michelle Bruno will help us explore what workers in the exhibition industry need to know and how the industry can build a future-proof workforce.

Here are some questions we’ll be addressing:

1.     What are the biggest issues impacting exhibition industry workers today?

2.     What do exhibition workers need to know today that they didn’t need to know yesterday?

3.     Where are workers getting the training, education and mentorship they need to do their jobs now?

4.     What additional training, education or non-traditional knowledge-gathering opportunities do workers need? 

5.     How do freelancers, consultants and contract workers fit into the preparedness gap?

6.     What should an apprenticeship program for exhibition organizers look like?

7.     How are organizations incentivizing and motivating workers to future-proof themselves?

8.     How are exhibition workers preparing themselves for the future?

9.     How can diversity (of any kind) help exhibition-industry workers?

10.  What should be the role of industry associations in building a future-proof workforce?

What is #Expochat?

Expochat is a Twitter-based conversation on topics related to the trade show industry. It takes place most Wednesdays at 1 p.m. ET and tackles a single topic each week – a recurring pain point, innovative ideas, evolution of the industry, best practices and more.

Expochat is alternately moderated by industry thought leaders: Stephanie Selesnick (International Trade Information, Inc.), Michael Doane (CadmiumCD), Elizabeth Johnson (Glee Content Marketing) and Marlys K. Arnold (ImageSpecialist).

The discussion is a fast-paced 60 minutes, during which participants may ask questions of the group on any topic. To participate, sign up on Twitter and follow the #Expochat hashtag at the appointed time. Questions will be identified as Q1, Q2, etc. Responses from participants should be written as A1, A2, etc. Tools such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite and others can make it easier to participate. Ideas are welcome on Expochat (but commercialism is not).

Why attend this free Twitter chat? 

·      It’s free education – and doesn’t everyone need a little schooling?

·      It will help you will expand your network while learning from your peers.

·     It’s a fun, engaging and insightful conversation with your community.  

Come to the chat with questions about anything trade show related. We will use our community to address your issues or maybe even hook you up with some help!

Trade Show News Network, the leading online exhibition industry news resource, sponsors the chat, and topics are listed in advance on TSNN. Reminders will be tweeted out prior to each week’s discussion, but if you miss a chat, archived transcripts are available on TSNN. We gladly accept requests for topics, too: Simply reach out to Arlene Shows, marketing director, by emailing her at

#Expochat works because the community supports it. Join us for the best live conversations about the industry that signs your paycheck. Rants welcome!

Missed #Expochat? No problem! View past chats and stay informed here!


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