Event Boosterapp Helps Trade Shows Increase Networking and Sales Opportunities

May 2, 2019

California-based Booster Technology Solutions has unveiled Event Boosterapp, a SaaS (software as a service) event technology platform designed to boost networking and sales opportunities at trade shows and events.

As an easy-to-use mobile app, Event Boosterapp enables attendees to network with each other and with exhibitors before, during and after events, as well as save products and expand information on speakers and experts. Meanwhile, show organizers can take advantage of advertising and promotional spaces to help generate income, and opportunities to boost loyalty.

“Event Boosterapp is designed to fulfill two goals: first, to provide exhibitors and event organizers with valuable data; and second, to improve the visitor experience,” said Gonzalo Deustua, CEO of PMiT Holdings and creator of Event Boosterapp (in partnership with Juan Carlos Chávez and Dresden Partners).

The app also includes the following features:

  • Registers and manages attendees, speakers and exhibitors via a safe and reliable process that guarantees compliance with data protection laws
  • Allows for push notifications and emails to be customized and segmented by interest groups
  • Multiple users can be stratified into various access levels to information, from the highest level with notifications and access to sensitive data to a number of lower and intermediary levels, including printing ID cards with their associated QR codes
  • Allows attendees to save information about speakers, themes on the agenda and products of interest
  • Offers gamification options to stimulate involvement in events and anonymous live voting systems
  • Customizable, with the possibility of using a generic screen for all events or configuring it especially for multiple or single events. Companies and large organizations can also contract an Enterprise license for exclusive use on their own servers
  • Provides exhibitors with a specific register system to view and manage their data, QR codes and contacts for potential clients, as well as reliable metrics on the performance of their booths and sales reps
  • Exhibitors can capture leads and sales contacts in real time through QR codes and a user-friendly networking system that encourages attendees to add and share contacts, with the possibility of engaging in private chats
  • Ability for exhibitors and attendees to cloud sync all the contacts and information captured on their mobile devices during the event
  • Based on the SaaS model, clients only pay for the days that they use the app
  • Currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

As an all-in-one platform with a cloud-based CMS, Event Boosterapp can also help make the event planner’s job an easier one by automatically uploading all event information in real time, creating a link for registering at the event via web or smartphone. In addition, the platform helps with attendee management and badge printing.

So far, Booster Technology Solutions has signed commercial agreements with RLA SAV, a leader in the AV rental sector with offices in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Panama; and with Comunicaciones Globales, a Honduras-based company with AV rental operations in Central America and Panama.

“At RLA SAV, we have detected a strong market trend towards the use of smartphone apps for events. We want our clients to be able to make the most of all the benefits of these new technologies, like the possibilities for networking, notifications, internal chat and scanning ID codes,” said Juan Carlos Vergara, director-general of RLA SAV. “Event Boosterapp is a tech ally that gives us a very user-friendly and easy to implement system, from the creation of online registering to printing ID cards and the use of the app.”

Event Boosterapp also made its U.S. debut in beta test form that 25 attendees had a chance to try out at the SoCal Latam Q3 Meet-up, held Oct. 30, 2018 in Irvine, Ca.

“With the app we were able to improve the networking and the instant connection between our attendees even after the event,” said Luis Viloria, the event’s organizer. “The most immediate and tangible result was the wow factor of the app: agenda, speakers’ bios (with pictures and PDF) and the networking module, which was pretty cool.”

He continued, “At the event, the attendees were able to connect using a swipe right/left with other attendees and chat within the app immediately after a match. Everyone found that to be very useful and fun. We will definitely continue to use the app at our SoCal Latam meet-ups.”


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