MGM Resorts International Launches New Upgraded Convention Wi-Fi Network, Supports Largest Cisco Live Event

November 28, 2017

MGM Resorts International has recently partnered with Cisco Systems and Mobilitie to upgrade and double its wireless infrastructure, resulting in the largest, technologically advanced system in the industry and the first in-house, high-density Wi-Fi network capable of supporting high-level events with sophisticated technology needs.

To accomplish this feat, MGM Resorts’ technology partners designed, provided and installed the advanced wireless network that is now available throughout all MGM Resorts destinations’ meeting and convention spaces in Las Vegas (except for Circus Circus) and features new equipment, increased high-density coverage and faster download speeds.

The new wireless upgrades were put to the test last June during Cisco Live, a tech-driven education and training event for IT professionals that drew approximately 30,000 participants to several MGM Resorts destinations, including Bellagio, MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay.

Not only was the event the biggest in the show’s history, it also marked the first time Cisco Live has ever used an in-house Wi-Fi system, as no other system at any venue has been able to accommodate its complicated tech needs. But in this case, thousands of users with multiple devices spanning multiple resorts were able to utilize the Wi-Fi at the same time without affecting performance, according to MGM officials.

“Our attendees at Cisco Live expect fast and reliable connectivity to the wireless network, and with the solution that MGM Resorts installed, we were confident in utilizing the in-house infrastructure rather than bringing in our own like we typically do for an event of this size,” explained Sean Curtis, director of technology experiences at Cisco.

He continued, “The result was the biggest and one of the most successful Cisco Live events we’ve ever produced. Our customer experience is critical to the success of this event, and the seamless, fast Wi-Fi access across multiple properties strengthens their confidence and trust with Cisco, the Cisco Live event, and future conventions and events.”

According to Michael Dominguez, MGM Resorts senior vice president and chief sales officer, no other hotel and convention property offers the caliber of Wi-Fi, wireless services and capabilities now available at MGM’s Las Vegas resorts.

“Technology is a key component of most meetings and can have a dramatic impact on the delivery of a successful program,” Dominguez said. “Cisco Live was a true test and the smooth implementation demonstrated what we are able to offer all customers, on any scale.”

With a cutting-edge wireless system capable of handling large, technologically demanding events firmly in place, event planners holding events at MGM Las Vegas properties can reap the benefits. Gone is the need to pay for an outside contractor and product shipping costs, as well as extra labor to install the equipment, which can help decrease event move-in time by up to 40 percent.

Meanwhile, 24/7 monitoring and support provided by Mobilitie is available to ensure guests stay connected.

Groups also can enjoy seamless, contiguous coverage and connectivity with the same Wi-Fi experience when traveling from any MGM Resorts destination along the Las Vegas Strip, with cross-property use on one high-density network that allows attendees to stay logged in for up to 72 hours.

MGM Resorts Convention Space Wi-Fi Upgrade Features Include:

  • All new, upgraded high-performance equipment with over 2,600 next-generation Cisco Aironet Access Points, nearly doubling the previous amount
  • Convention Wi-Fi network able to support more than 350,000 devices
  • Customizable, seamless Wi-Fi experience with bandwidth, branding and sponsorship options across all MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas (except Circus Circus)
  • Up to 40 times more guaranteed bandwidth per user
  • Almost 50 percent faster download
  • Cisco CleanAir technology that combats against wireless interference

In addition, MGM has created the MGM Resorts Meeting Innovations Team, an event technology support program for event planners designed to provide custom-tailored digital solutions to fit each event’s individuals needs across the company’s portfolio of integrated resorts.

In addition, the digital convention space upgrades complement the Wi-Fi system available throughout the resorts’ low-rise public spaces, including pools, casinos, lobbies and restaurants.

“We collaborate closely with (MGM’s) executive team when it comes to expanding and improving the (wireless) network,” said Christos Karmis, CEO of Mobilitie.

He added, “It’s because of this ongoing relationship we’re able to provide exactly what guests and visitors expect.”

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