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November 4, 2021

It's no secret that events deliver valuable content but maximizing the value of that content after the fact is often overlooked. Organizations often capture and archive video content from their live events and webinars, and based on a recent survey, 65.9% of event organizers also make their virtual event content available on-demand after the live broadcast.

The result is a massive treasure trove of valuable and underused education, motivation and customer insight. With strategic planning, there are numerous opportunities to turn event content into a marketing goldmine, resulting in increased revenue streams 

Tune in to TSNN’s free webinar, Recover the Value of Your Event Content, on Tuesday, Nov. 16, from 1-2 p.m. ET! 

This interactive discussion on innovative ways to activate event content will feature Humphrey Chen, co-founder and CEO of CLIPr, a video analysis and management platform; Tim Groot, founder and CEO of Grip, a market engagement platform designed to create world-class virtual, hybrid and in-person events; and Dahlia El Gazzar, tech evangelist + idea igniteur of Dahlia+ Agency, a brand, experience and marketing agency for event professionals and tech companies.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to monetize on-demand content the right way
  • How to use analytics to gain customer insight and uncover up-sell and renewal opportunities
  • How to use on-demand content to build a 365 community and create increased customer touchpoints 
  • How to use analytics to devise future content strategies

Shawn Cheng, senior strategist, brand + experience + marketing at Dahlia+ Agency, says event professionals ultimately stand to lose plenty when they don't realize the value of their event content. 

"Without paying attention to their own event content, the event will be vulnerable in the market," he said. "They will be facing unexpected competitors more easily, and they are more likely to disconnect with their audience." 

Cheng added that the topic of event content is important in today's environment because the pandemic proves again that it is critical for any organizations, especially associations, to have diverse revenue streams. 

"It is almost painful to watch many organizations spend a lot of time and resources to archive their educational content but end up not repurposing it or distributing it in the wrong way," he said. "With technological advancement today, archived content can be a fast, efficient and impactful solution for many organizations in need of diversifying their income portfolio." 

Join us for this incredibly timely and valuable webinar by registering for free here!

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