IAEE Teams Up with Epistemix to Make Its Data-Driven Decision Support Tool More Accessible for Event Organizers

September 2, 2021

As those in the meetings and exhibitions industries know all too well, changes in the COVID-19 pandemic are continuing to cause major challenges for event organizers, with any organization looking to host a trade show or conference tasked with taking changing information from public health officials into account. In such a complex environment, it can be understandably difficult for organizers to demonstrate their ability to run events in a safe and sustainable way. 

Enter Epistemix, a leading provider of analytical tools that simulate how diseases, ideas and behavior spread through populations. Designed to meet the needs of event organizers, venues and public health officials, its decision support solution generates actionable insights for decision-makers by simulating the impact of COVID-19 on event operations and attendance. 

To help event organizers plan their upcoming events with confidence, assure stakeholders with science-backed data and empower decision-makers to take informed action, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) has teamed with Epistemix to provide organizers, destination marketing organizations and venues with a special rate to access Epistemix’s modeling software dashboard. 

“Decision-making around the pandemic has been a challenge for so many organizations,” said John Cordier, CEO of Epistemix, which leverages decades of epidemiological experience, diverse datasets, realistic population dynamics and scientific best practices to build computational models that forecast the impacts of policy interventions. 

He continued, “Having the right tools to solve a problem is the first step a decision-maker must get right. With the help of the Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance, IAEE and other partners, show organizers can now leverage a data-driven tool to support decision-making and communications on event safety for their specific events.” 

Created with the help of city and state leaders in public health, Epistemix’s solution simulates the impact of mask-wearing, social distancing and different levels of vaccination coverage at an event, while taking into account the changes in the pandemic and vaccination coverage in the locations from which attendees are traveling.

Epistemix’s simulations have been used by groups including the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization, and it is currently working with companies, event organizers, schools and state and local governments across the U.S. to evaluate opening strategies and gauge COVID-19 response. 

“With the Delta variant adding a layer of complexity to planning events, the Epistemix modeling software allows organizers to provide event stakeholders with assurance that their event is safe to attend,” said IAEE President and CEO David DuBois. “We are thrilled to announce this agreement and get this vital software into organizers’ hands as we continue down the road to recovery. Epistemix adds a powerful tool to the organizer’s toolbox when planning shows and gives them confidence in uncertain times.” 

For more information about Epistemix’s solution and to receive IAEE’s special rate, go here.


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