CrowdLED Smart Technology Helps Event Attendees Adhere to Social Distancing Rules

July 8, 2020

With social distancing as part of the new reality the events industry must face for the foreseeable future, planners are having to consider not only how to execute safe and CDC guideline-compliant events, but also ensure that attendees follow those rules. But when involved in conversation and conducting business, it can be easy for people to forget about staying safely apart. While asking event attendees to maintain a 6-foot distance may seem simple enough, how can event organizers ensure consistent compliance?

Enter radio controlled wearables provider CrowdLED, which will launch its new CrowdRanger social distancing wearable, designed to keep event participants safe and respectful of social distancing guidelines, for purchase or rental later this month. As part of the company’s new CrowdSaver line, CrowdRanger’s localization technology senses when other CrowdRanger devices – worn around the neck or carried in a pocket – are within a chosen range. When a “safety circle” is broken by two or more devices, CrowdRanger alerts wearers via light, vibration and sound to keep safe distances. 


The social distance wearable works with ultra-wideband technology for optimal accuracy, providing precision up to a few inches or less, according to CrowdLED officials.

Wearables can be adjusted to adhere to any country’s governmental social distancing guidelines and free up users to focus on conducting business instead of their surroundings, said Tobias van der Horst, account manager at The Netherlands-based CrowdLED. 

“Our roots lie within the event industry and normally we light up events with LED wearable products,” van der Horst explained. “[Since in-person events] aren’t allowed for the time being, we had to come up with a way to help the event industry.”

He continued, “We wanted to wait until the coronavirus was over, [but now that the] virus is getting worse around the globe, we wanted to help and make sure the future of events is secured so we created CrowdRanger.”

CrowdRanger will be available in two versions. The Pro version keeps track of other CrowdRangers that enter a safety circle to enable contact tracing post-event, while the Lite version does not collect data and is completely anonymous. Both versions are rechargeable and work autonomously with no server or router required.  

Since every attendee at an event must wear a CrowdRanger for it to be effective, CrowdLED offers its CrowdRanger for Events two-week rental program, which provides bulk discount rates for all sizes of events.

To learn more about CrowdRanger, go here.


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