CampfireSocial™ Launches, Transforming Brand Ecosystems Like Never Before

March 18, 2021
CampFire Social

This is a sponsored article by CampfireSocial

Earlier this month marked the launch of revolutionary social network and e-commerce platform CampfireSocial™, which lets brands own the voice of their industry through first-of-its-kind white-labeled technology.

Founded by tech entrepreneur Erica Bishaf, a 20+ year veteran in market intelligence, strategy, and trade shows, CampfireSocial provides advanced data and analytics to an organization via a personalized interface made up of traditional media, social media and e-commerce.   Organizations can send mass communications and push messages to their audiences, provide a space for community members to connect with each other, and drive growth and ROI.

COVID-19 has truly changed the event and trade industry, and now, more than ever, organizations need to shift how they deliver value, benefits, and relevance to their stakeholders. Before the pandemic, associations and organizers relied on trade events alone to engage with their ecosystems and drive revenue. Now, a year later, some organizations are coming up short, lacking a way to continue to connect to stakeholders and others in their marketspace.

Erica built CampfireSocial to help organizations cultivate a market ecosystem while also providing them with a diversified revenue stream, increased year-round membership engagement and a new digital marketing vehicle for vendor partners. Now the company’s Founder & CEO, Erica believes that the unique interface of CampfireSocial will benefit companies through 2021 and beyond as industries continue to evolve and diversify.

“CampfireSocial is NOT another virtual event company. Instead, CampfireSocial’s first-of-its-kind technology provides a new solution to this need that’s unlike any other community or marketplace solution,” said Erica.

Ross Starr, MS, CEM, Chief Revenue Officer for CampfireSocial has played a pivotal role in the growth of the company and product development.   “The app stickiness of CampfireSocial combined with business analytics and data visualization of our targeted social listening platform produces real-time audience insights and interactive data dashboards on how the ecosystem thinks, behaves and transacts daily. This integration produces a powerful marketing vehicle that drives revenue growth & ROI to all industry stakeholders,” said Ross.

To directly address the specific needs of different organizations, CampfireSocial is white labeled, meaning each organization can personalize the technology as their own to maximize growth and ROI opportunity. As a part of their customizable approach, CampfireSocial™ also offers holistic consulting including content strategy, go-to-market strategy, and media kits.


With CampfireSocial, organizations can facilitate social community engagement, e-commerce, and content delivery online via mobile or desktop 365 days a year, around the clock, and generate revenue via sponsorship, e-commerce, and paid content opportunities.

While encouraging interactive, two-way dialogue and engagement throughout their ecosystems, organizations can also conduct social listening and gather data to better respond and serve stakeholders, providing industry members with a personalized digital experience where they can demonstrate thought leadership and be heard.

Having already raised $1.2M from a private venture-capital group, CampfireSocial’s launch is the first landmark in an innovation roadmap that stretches through 2023. Each release will include new features, continuing to support organizations as they deliver on strategic initiatives and industry engagement.

For more information on how CampfireSocial helps brands own the voice of their industry, visit

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