Attendify Launches Virtual Event Platform to Boost Industry Resiliency

July 16, 2020

Self-service event app and event data management company Attendify has launched a new offering, Attendify for Virtual Events, that aims to transform the in-person, virtual and hybrid event experience.

According to company officials, Attendify’s goal for its new platform is to help make the industry resilient. Whether it’s a future economic shock, another health crisis or a major industry strike, the event industry can’t be as susceptible to future shocks that are completely out of an organizer’s control. Through Attendify for Virtual Events, event organizers can build out a modern virtual experience that engages attendees much like a traditional event would, without requiring them to physically travel to the event’s location.

“The first lesson we learned was that a virtual event is different,” said Michael Balyasny, CEO of Attendify. “You can’t recreate the in-person experience virtually, it just doesn’t work. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch our virtual events platform, providing an entirely unique virtual experience.”

Hybrid and virtual events must be immersive and every bit as valuable as in-person events, and allow attendees to network, learn and engage in a way that feels natural. By leveraging technology in a strategic and meaningful way, Attendify is uniquely positioned to redefine and create a positive and engaging event experience no matter the structure, Balyasny said.

Attendify for Virtual Events includes the following features:

Intuitive interface

Attendees can log in; create and manage their profile; search for content; watch sessions; and interact with sponsors, speakers and other attendees. Once logged in, attendees see a holistic view of the event with the platform’s Town Hall feature. From there, they will experience a single community in which everyone can interact — some in-person using mobile and others remote using the virtual platform. In the future, remote attendees will be able to have one-on-one video conversations with sponsors, speakers and those attending in person.

Ease of customization for event planners

Through integration with the Attendify platform, organizers can create a hybrid (in-person and virtual) event. It offers capabilities to plan events; invite and onboard attendees; and manage speakers for all event types: in-person, virtual or hybrid. Event planners can configure their event once and automatically gain access to the three experiences.

Hybrid ready from the start

Once an event organizer is signed up, they will get the virtual platform and top-rated mobile event app immediately — no adding of extra tools or subscriptions. This allows for attendees to connect to a single community regardless if a customer is hosting a virtual or hybrid event.

“This is a completely new product that we started on in April when we were rocked by COVID’s impact on our clients and their events,” said Balyasny. While the aftermath hasn’t gone away, we’re glad to have built something meaningful for the industry we love and have been part of for eight years.”

More than 600,000 event planners are currently signed up with Attendify to create and manage events. To learn more about the virtual event platform, go here.

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