Video Content: a Trade Show Marketing Must-Have

November 3, 2021

Briquelle Neyens

Briquelle Neyens is a digital marketer at Skyline Exhibits’ corporate office in St. Paul, Minn. Besides immersing herself in trade show research and the ins and outs of exhibit sales, she also engages with Skyline’s wide-array of products and services from an insider’s perspective. She enjoys generating information to help trade show marketers be successful on the show floor.

Video is now at the forefront of social sharing, networking and business marketing. It’s driving immense growth on nearly every social platform. Instagram, once a photo-focused app, just recently shared that they’re moving away from photo and leaning into video content. It’s no secret that the reason videos perform well on so many platforms is because of the entertainment they provide. While technology grows and preferences shift, video has quickly become a definite must to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

This push for video doesn’t just stop at digital viewing. You guessed it—it’s important to incorporate video in your trade show exhibit marketing as well. Here’s how you can build video into your trade show marketing plan and stay up to date with the latest consumer preferences.

Integrating video into your pre-show experience, right on the trade show floor, and in your post-show experience will help your business leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Here are a few tips on how to tackle each of these: 

Before Your Trade Show

  • Capturing attendees’ attention will make them more likely to want to visit your booth!
  • Build excitement by sharing a sneak peek of any demonstrations you’ll be doing.
  • Clearly communicate whatever problem you help solve for your customers.
  • Tell your audience what they can expect to take away from visiting your booth.
  • Explain what your company does. This may reach new viewers who have no idea that you serve their exact needs and will plan to keep you on their radar at the trade show.
  • Let viewers know where to find you if you’re exhibiting at a larger show.
  • Highlight your team in a way that’s fun and inviting. This way, attendees can feel comfortable when they see a familiar face and build connections faster.
  • Send video content to them through email (maybe they don’t know about the trade show but will be intrigued to attend).
  • Share this video on your social platforms to reach your organic audience.
  • Don’t be afraid to boost this video to a new audience as well with paid marketing.
  • Getting the conversation started before the show is a great way to illustrate why attendees should be excited to visit your booth, engage with your staff, and learn more about your products or services.

During Your Trade Show

  • Did you know that you can easily incorporate videos right in your booth? Tablets, kiosks, touch screen monitors, projectors and video walls are a few of the popular options to effectively display your video content on the trade show floor.
  • Create a video loop that tells the story of your brand. People remember meaningful stories.
  • Know your audience and create a video that will appeal to them. Only use statistics and in-depth details if you’re in a highly technical industry or your target market specifically relates to this type of information.
  • Appeal to emotions with your video content.
  • Explain what it is that your business does so your trade show staff doesn’t have to, saving them time and allowing them to delve into deeper conversations that revolve around your customers’ needs.
  • Use large screens that are highly visible in your booth to catch the eyes of potential buyers walking by.
  • Use a captivating video that draws interest into how your service or product can benefit buyers.
  • Put bar seating or a standing area outside of your booth with a monitor or two for those passing by. They can engage with your brand before committing to stepping inside, and you will draw people in this way!
  • Since consumers gravitate towards videos over static graphics, they’ll be a standout aspect on the trade show floor for attendees. However, we all know that trade shows are meant for creating meaningful, in-person interactions. So don’t make your videos too long—or play them too loudly—so that attendees lose interest and leave before your staff gets the chance to speak with them. Try keeping them under 60 seconds if possible and double-check the trade show manual if there are volume limits to abide by.

After the Trade Show

  • With all the money invested in trade shows, it’s equally as important to invest in your trade show follow-up plan to help you make that return on your investment. Don’t let your trade show exhibit be the last time your attendees hear from you! Following up with video will keep their attention.
  • Does your booth staff have a sales pitch that they follow when speaking to attendees? Include this verbiage in your follow-up video so that they can immediately remember who you are and pick up right where they left off. (They’ll have had lots of conversations with different brands, so helping them connect the dots will keep you high on their radar.)
  • Do you plan on hosting a webinar following your trade show? Create a quick video invite and send it to the email leads that you received from your show. This way, you can continue showing that you can provide value.
  • If you don’t host webinars but have lots of educational information that potential buyers could benefit from, turn that information into video content and include it in your follow-up email after the show.
  • If there was a common pain point that you gathered from your attendees, create a video revolving around this topic and reiterate how your business solves it for them.
  • Video is an important asset in your trade show follow-up plan to continue keeping attendees’ eyes on your business. Reconnecting with potential buyers will give them more insight into your business and help to make their buying decision a little easier. Engaging them through captivating video content is a great place to start.

Video content is an extremely important aspect that is emerging everywhere, including in the trade show world. Engagement with your pre-show video content is expected to perform better than photos or graphics, as app creators have stated they are pushing video at a higher rate to consumers. Don’t fall behind the times by avoiding video. Start incorporating it into your trade show marketing plans today!

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