Keep Your Momentum Going

November 30, 2014

Lisa Apolinski

Lisa Apolinski is a professional speaker, blogger, and digital strategist. With her company,, she works with event managers to get their message to attendees, particularly through digital channels, on and off the show floor.

At my high school, we were ranked against classmates each year. When I was starting my senior year, my father gave me some great advice.  He told me many of my classmates would slack off in the final year, so if I kept my momentum, I could move up in my ranking. 

Now we are entering the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, and I am sure many of us want to go on auto pilot.  My advice to you is don’t!  Use the few weeks left of 2014 to engage your clients, with a few tips to help you.

If your budget is long gone:  Just because your marketing budget is depleted does not mean you have to forgo marketing.  Look at your top 5 clients and 5 other clients with whom you hope to expand your reach.  Aim to call one from each group a day over the course of one week.  Be sure to use that phone time to thank them for their business, and get on their schedule in January for lunch, drinks, or an in-office meeting to talk about upcoming work for the first half of 2015.  The idea here is to employ the old school way of marketing:  picking up the phone to have a conversation.

If you have a few dollars:  With a few dollars, you can engage customers and prospects with a survey.  Think about using the survey to determine how your products and services are being viewed, and what new business may be coming into play in 2015.  To incentivize your survey participants, consider using your few marketing dollars on some $25 gift cards.  You can also revamp your digital look and feel, such as your e-newsletter template, modifying to make it more streamlined or correcting something you don’t like and have been putting off fixing all year.

If you have some budget money stashed:  If you made it to the end of the year with some budget to spend, put your digital hat on.  If Facebook works for your business model, consider a Facebook ad campaign to remind your customers of your service offering, and connect with new prospects.  Video is another great spend here, as you may be able to get a deal from your videographer at the end of the year.  Work on a recap video of your accomplishments for 2014 or a ‘what’s new in 2015’ video. Either one is a great digital asset to share with prospects, customers, and employees. 

Be sure to do a last minute marketing push to stay in front of your customers and prospects. You still have time, so keep that momentum going!

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