Attendees Spark to Location Based Attendee Engagement

Remember when the coolest thing at a trade show was the bingo game?  You know, go to certain booths, get a stamp, and collect all for a prize. Remember the excitement and BUZZ it created?  Can you imagine doing that now?

Gamification is nothing new. You may wonder does my event really need to have some sort of game?  The short answer is yes!  Adding a gamification component can lead to buzz, excitement, engagement and an additional revenue stream.   You may have an exciting exhibit floor, dynamic presenters and intriguing sessions and workshops but it may not be enough to create the buzz. But why does gamification succeed where content and high value may not?

Humans naturally have the desire to compete and succeedGamification taps into that  desire. Teachers, employers, retailers and many others use gamification to increase participation and improve productivity. There are four defining traits of a game: Goal (specific outcome); rules (limitations); feedback system and voluntary participation.

So, how does one add Attendee Engagement (the 2017 word for gamification) to a trade show and/or conference? First step is deciding on what the desired effect is: Drive traffic to the exhibit floor; drive traffic to your show's website and social platforms; increase Attendance enjoyment? The second step is finding the right gaming solution for your desired need. Some gaming solutions require some heavy lifting like integrating into their online, onsite registration systems. Others are stand-alone and require no heavy lifting.

A quick search on your favorite browser will bring up a myriad of solutions and providers.  And one solution that should be on your top 5 list is the Selfie-SuperSleuth™ from SMART-reg International.  If Pokemon GO (Pokémon name is a trademark of Nintendo) and the Selfie had an offspring, he or she would look like the Selfie-SuperSleuth™.  It’s an interactive, competitive, engaging mobile app for attendee involvement at conferences, trade shows, and corporate events.

Attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers can use the Selfie-SuperSleuth to engage their participation at an event and to create buzz and excitement for the event. There is also a vehicle to foster sponsorships, allowing you to provide another revenue stream.

What is unique about this app is that it can be used in convention centers, hotels, exhibit halls and session rooms, without the need for a clear view of the GPS satellites. You can specify what days and hours the game can be played, will be given a method to notify participants that they are winners, and in addition to an in-App Leaderboard,  you are given a unique URL to display on as many screens as you want.

What sets this solution apart from others is that it can be a total stand-alone solution.  It is customizable to your event-specific requirements.  The App is free from the Apple and Google Play Stores.

For more information, please visit HERE.

Client Testimonial:

The Selfie Super-Sleuth Game was a great addition to our National Conference. This was a great way for new business partners to interact with our advisors, students and for that matter the public in general. This game was a surprise as the people who signed on were very competitive and to run the results on TV monitors added additional excitement and buzz.

From our business partners it also helped them become more aware and to again interact and gain experience that they might not otherwise have encountered. We are looking forward to adding some additional buzz and get people on board early next year and have the people start interacting as soon as they hit the conference. Working with Smart-Reg is a rewarding experience and they always find ways to help and assist in the interaction.

David J. Worden Program Director
SkillsUSA Championships

Assistant Technical Delegate - WorldSkills

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