Fatigue at Events and 4 Tips on How to Beat It

November 12, 2016

Katie Price

Katie Price from RAL Display, a market leader in Display Marketing, has years of experience working with events managers. 

Steady on Superman, fatigue at events is real, and we’ve all had it!

Events and exhibitions can last all day or all night and your business or client requires you to be on your feet and on your best at all times. It’s true, this can be exhausting and dragging yourself through the day, with a constant smile on your face is a real challenge. Yet the best event organisers and coordinators somehow manage it, so what’s their secret?

Here’s some top tips for keeping those eyes open at your next event …

Get to know your venue

Yes, we know it sounds obvious but getting to know every nook and cranny of your venue is vital for saving time and energy. You don’t need a detailed blueprint imbedded in your memory, just the important bits. Identify where the toilets and entrances and exits are. If it’s a large venue with lots going on, make a note of where your team members are or use radios to keep in touch. Knowing the venue like the back of your hand means you can avoid running around all day and concentrate on the more important and fun aspects of your event.

Pick a team you can rely on

It’s not breaking news…You can’t always run an event on your own. However, picking a team that’s on the same wave length with members you know you can count on, is a great way to save yourself all important energy. A reliable team ensures you can rotate shifts at certain locations, take it in turn to man your exhibition or stand and take regular breaks.  If you assemble a well briefed and professional team, you can feel confident the event is running smoothly even when you’re not around.

Keep refuelling

“I haven’t got time to eat”, sound familiar? The short answer is…Yes you have. If you’re not taking on food and drink throughout the day, you’ll soon find fatigue kicking in. Likewise, If you only fill up on sugary snacks, energy drinks and coffee you might experience a dreaded caffeine or sugar crash.

Be sure to start the day with a good breakfast; try something on the healthy side that slowly releases energy all day. Eat small amounts throughout the day when you can and stay hydrated. Avoid a large heavy lunch that might make you sleepy though. Staying refuelled combats fatigue and ensures you’re sharp and raring to go.

Stay on the move

If it’s a busy event, then this won’t be an issue obviously. However, it’s amazing how tired you can get if you’re sitting behind a stand or standing in the same spot all day, so keep on the move as much as possible. Even if you have seat behind a stand, try to resist the temptation to use it. Stay on your feet, walk around and talk to everyone – you’ll find your energy creates a great impression too!

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