May 13, 2021
My 6-year-old daughter Jetty is many things—caring, precocious, faith-filled, and also already an intrepid, ambitious entrepreneur. I recently came home to discover she had gathered together family heirlooms, clothing, and pieces of furniture, then moved them to a central area and tagged everything with prices. “Darling, whatever are you doing?” I asked, at a loss for what game she’d invented this time. She looked me straight in the eye and replied with inherent glee, “We’re going to have a sale so we can buy a puppy!” What can I say? It should be no surprise that enterprising thought is in… more
May 11, 2021
Most trade shows across the world have been canceled or converted to virtual events because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, the worldwide exhibition industry contracted by 68% in 2020 and 2.4 million full-time jobs were affected. There is cause for concern that this trend will continue in 2021. However, with vaccinations slowing the tide of the pandemic, companies are beginning to wonder when in-person trade shows will begin again. And when they do return, will anyone attend?   Show organizers will need to ensure the safety of… more
May 06, 2021
The rollout of more and more vaccines will help large venues reopen and allow our industry to bring back in-person events in the coming months. It will be critical for event organizers and venues to work together to deliver events where attendees feel safe participating. Technology plays a key role in this effort and can streamline health safety measures for event organizers. Here are four ways technology takes event health safety plans beyond sanitizing stations and facial coverings: Technology Allows Participants to Easily Attest to Their Health Mobile, web-based technology allows event… more
May 04, 2021
A digital-first approach to industry events and networking is now the norm, bringing with it new opportunities to make meaningful connections virtually, along with a more adaptable, convenient and precise way to organize and attend industry events. This current reality will never fully disappear — instead it’s a sign of what the future will bring. The pandemic has accelerated innovation in the events industry and forced event organizers to prioritize and cater to virtual and hybrid events. As we look to the future of digital events, it’s vital that organizers and marketers are clear on their… more
Apr 30, 2021
The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has brought some much-needed positive news, but it will still be months before associations and businesses can plan the large-scale in-person events and trade shows they once did. In the interim, many are opting for virtual or hybrid trade shows, conferences and meetings.  Yet for hybrid events to be successful for both online and in-person participants, meeting planners must encourage engagement for in-person attendees as well as for virtual participants. The entertainment and speakers (talent) provide much of that value and help to ensure continuity of… more
Apr 27, 2021
It’s the year 2013, we are all thriving after a great few years of growth from the 2008 economic downturn. We are plush with happiness and looking for exciting new ways to grow our events. With great times, come well…a mix of great things and complete complacency. And so, with that we began to throw the idea around of extending the life of our events. How do we make them longer without being boring? It is now the year 2021…there is nothing else that need be said about the year that shall not be named…you know the one that came before. However, we have learned and grown so much as an industry… more
Apr 22, 2021
Last year put life into perspective for a lot of us. In a previous blog, I talked about being an agent of change. Now I want to discuss how fast change can bring positive results within your business events models. Whether you dealt with navigating through chaos, strengthening your resiliency muscles or just survived, we all did one thing together and that was change. As much as we changed personally, it goes without saying that the events and hospitality industries also changed significantly. In what may be an unpopular opinion, I believe that this forced change has a silver lining. We all… more
Apr 20, 2021
It’s all the buzz lately – hybrid or omnichannel events. Programs and mindsets continuously shift as planners begin to weave together a hybrid event strategy and relaunch in-person experiences. Here are four things to consider as you map out your hybrid planning: Review Your Registration Standards As part of the advance registration process, consider updating your terms and conditions to educate all attendees as to what protocols and behaviors will be enforced on-site. It is best practice to review any of your anticipated procedures for enforcement with your own legal counsel to ensure… more
Apr 15, 2021
Did you know that some European Tax Authorities allow foreign businesses to get a refund of Value Added Tax (VAT) incurred during MICE and business travel? Services that can be reclaimed vary by country but normally include hotel, accommodation, exhibition costs, venue hire, equipment rental, entrance tickets, transportation and meals. Generally, U.S. companies are eligible to recover VAT in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain (only for the participants of… more
Apr 13, 2021
The highly anticipated shift back to in-person events is slowly getting underway as meetings and events planners around the globe rejoice. Virtual remains the overarching preference today, but many companies are looking toward later this year and beyond to attempt hybrid, if not fully live events. Put the enthusiasm under the microscope, though, and it’s no surprise that most planners have a thick layer of caution and concern when it comes to navigating what will certainly be a non-traditional live events environment — at least for a while. There’s a particular tool planners should strongly… more

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