Facebook Adds New Feature for Groups and Events

January 4, 2018

Katie Cook

Katie Cook is the Marketing Communications Specialist for Expo Logic, an event registration company that works with clients worldwide to provide innovative registration and lead retrieval services.

Social media isn’t just for sharing selfies or tweeting 140 characters anymore. We use it every day to stay connected to family and friends, read about current events, and feel included in events and stories from across the globe. Facebook has found a way to encourage user involvement with its new feature, Collaborative Stories.

This recently launched feature is in addition to its already popular Stories function. Users of Facebook groups and Facebook events will be able to contribute to a story that will be visible only to other members of that group or event.

Collaborative Stories shared by other people will show on event or group pages users have joined, along with being shown at the top of their News Feed. Administrators of the event/group will have the power to set the rules of the stories as well. They can choose to either allow posts from everyone and then delete posts that they don’t like, or they can require the approval of each post before it is added to the Collaborative Story.

For avid social media users, you may be wondering how this is any different from Snapchat and its group feature. Well, Snapchat groups can only be made with a user’s current friends and contacts while not allowing other users to join that may not be on your friends list. Also, Snapchat groups are limited to up to 16 people and don’t have a common interest factor. Facebook Collaborative Stories are unlimited in the number of users and are specific to a group or event that has been created from a common interest.

Since Facebook groups and events are centered around hobbies, professions, ideologies and locations, the stories shared may not appeal to everyone but will appeal to the other members of the group or event. This new feature could be helpful to encourage users from a different demographic to contribute their perspective adding more diversity to the story.

For events, this could mean more engagement from attendees that share their personal experience by adding it to the story. Users are given more freedom of expression with images and video, making it easier for attendees to have a voice. In addition, remote attendees have the chance to feel more involved by viewing stories shared by other attendees onsite and seeing the event from multiple perspectives.

This feature is still new to Facebook but creates an interesting way for users to share their experience and get involved.

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