5 Benefits to Marketing at Tradeshows with Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags

June 15, 2016

Shane Shirley

Shane Shirley is CMO for SBS Brands, a 90-year-old global brand leader focused on creating digital and print business solutions that offers traditional and eco-friendly customized promotional products to accelerate trade show marketing.

Eco-friendly reusable bags bring a lot to the table. Obviously, they’re eco-friendly, but they also deliver a great return on your investment, they are very effective at establishing and maintaining your branding message and when well thought out in their design, can increase leads.

Here are five reasons you should consider marketing at your next tradeshow with eco-friendly reusable bags.

1.      Get Your Brand Noticed - When your customers and prospects have a reusable bag that displays your corporate colors, logo and any other relevant branding information, they will be reminded of your company every time they reach for the bag. Each time your customers carry your customized reusable bag (even after the tradeshow ends), they will essentially be carrying a sign for, and endorsing your brand. People that cross their paths during the tradeshow and far beyond the tradeshow floor, will see your marketing information and learn about your brand.

2.      Reduce Your Company’s Environmental Impact - Reusable bags are eco-friendly because they reduce the need and use of disposable plastic bags. When reusable bags are made from recycled or sustainable materials, they further reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

3.      Enhance Green Goals - If your company has stated green goals or initiatives, it is key to find ways to live up to them. Eco-friendly marketing tools, like reusable bags, are a great way to show your customers that your company is more than just talk – you are serious about your commitment to going green and even helping them live greener.

4.      Get the Most Value for Your Marketing Budget – If constructed properly, reusable bags typically last for 3 – 6 years. When you create a customized reusable bag, your customers will still be carrying that bag around and reinforcing your branding message to themselves, while also spreading the word to everyone they encounter years from now. When the design of the reusable bag includes the use of QR codes, the bag can even be used to collect leads and data during and after the show which can translate into sales. The investment you make today can still be paying dividends several years out.

5.      Create a Must-Have Tradeshow Takeaway - At every tradeshow there are a few “must-have” takeaways that everyone wants to get their hands on. Typically, to earn this distinction, the item needs to be useful, not just at the tradeshow, but also after the show. Custom reusable bags fit the bill when strategically designed to stand out to your target market at the show, and designed to invoke a positive feeling or memory from the show. There are many ways design can be utilized to make people want to reach for your bag at the tradeshow and then over and over again.

Reusable bags offer a lot of benefits when it comes to marketing at tradeshows. From the positive environmental impact and effectiveness at getting your message into the hands of the right people, to delivering a great marketing value, bottom line, you can make custom reusable bags work to increase leads and sales at your next tradeshow. 

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